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Dylan Dunlap is a LA native and indie/rock singer & songwriter. He found his love for music at a very young age and grew up pursuing the industry in any and every way he could. Dylan began performing on the streets of Los Angeles, which helped him make a debut performing on Season 8 of NBC’s The Voice. Since then, he has gone on to open for various artists including icons like Molly Ringwald, Phil Wickham and Howie Day.

The 21 year-old soulful singer has a passion that is palpable when he performs. His distinctive tone will have you hanging on his every last word. With a drive like no other, he strives to maintain the utmost integrity and transparency throughout various social media platforms and aims to connect with as many people as possible in the world.

After going through many struggles of his own, Dylan knows the importance of a helping hand when dealing with mental illness. He has rededicated his efforts as a musician to raising awareness of the struggles people with mental illnesses experience, and wants every one of his performances to be of comfort to even one person in the crowd who might feel like they are alone in what they're going through.

Dylan released his latest single "Microphones & lights" on January 19th, 2018 and has achieved acclaim and support from both Apple Music and Spotify. He will also be co-headlining at the famed Troubadour in Los Angeles on March 15th, 2018.

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