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OTG Tip of the Week: #3

“No one really buys records anymore. You can look at sales and do that math real quick. Unfortunately, it's fast food in the music industry. People don't ingest full records anymore” - Tommy Lee

Don’t let changes in the music industry be an excuse for failure. Recognize these changes, adapt and execute. This has been an on-going process in the music industry from the vinyl to 8-track to cassette tape to CD to MP3 to streaming and whatever the future holds. Develop new sources of revenue, such as brand deals, live show revenue, merchandise, speaking/appearance fees and investments, and flourish. While the music used to be a primary money maker, especially in the 90s when CD sales were booming, use the music as the promotional piece to achieve notoriety and launch your empire #OTG #OTGTipOfTheWeek

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